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... just a little idea.

Jo cares about women in climbing and about up-skilling women in both the indoor and outdoor climbing scene. She cares so much that she works as a guide, works at a climbing gym and hosts Women's Uprising - a monthly women's climbing workshop event in Melbourne.


We didn't know each other when we first spoke about the potential for a Women's Climbing Festival in the Grampians AUS - but that didn't matter: our passions, intentions and vision was the same.


We, like so many other women (we quickly found out) feel it is time for Australia to have its own Women's Outdoor Climbing Festival. This project is in it's infancy, but we hope to make it grow . . .

Stay tuned.

Our Vision:

A women's outdoor climbing festival will give opportunity to female leaders and athletes to share their skills and knowledge with women interested in adding value, health and independence to their lives: by participating in a unique and growing sport that builds strength and endurance, empowers women, encourages diversity and teaches valuable life skills.


We have learnt that:

Women would like more inclusive events for all abilities, as well as female instructors and ways to connect with other women in the outdoors. This festival will create a supportive environment geared for learning and sharing that will inspire more women to become mentors for the next generation.


This type of project is complex in nature:

 It requires the united support of positive ongoing relationships between many groups, businesses, organisations and persons in the Wimmera region and beyond - including Rural and City Councils, National and State Parks, insurance companies, property owners, local groups and businesses, associations like: VCC, Sport Climbing Victoria, ACIA.


So far:

It has taken months of in-depth discussion and research to find and reach conclusions and budget estimates. Much thought has been put into every aspect of this project by many people from many different angles. Environmental impacts, social impacts, health and safety, fire safety, infrastructure, the weather, waste, revegetation, local involvement and impact, participants, permits, staff, material and cost have been considered.

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We have chosen the Grampians Park region due to its plentiful availability of mixed, sport, traditional and boulder style climbing. Crags are spread throughout the park, lessening the load on parking availability, climbing areas, other park visitors/tourists and park facilities. The festival should not add any more load than a busy long weekend. For this reason we will avoid putting the festival on during a long weekend to help minimise pressure on the park. 50% of the festival happenings and workshops, and 100% of camping, will be conducted on a private location - softening the load on Parks Victoria, local climbing crags and the environment. The remaining 50% of workshops will happen in the Northern Grampians Region / Park.

Our Model:

We are basing our model off: Women’s Climbing Festivals that have taken place worldwide (8th Annual Women’s Climbing Symposium in the UK, WCF in Squamish, Flash Foxy WCF in the USA). Also the Grampians Bouldering Festival.

Event organiser: Olivia Page

Event organiser: Joanne Lee

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