A film about a first climbing ascent of the Tusk

in Fiordland, New Zealand. 

OBJECTIVE: To attempt (and film) a first all-female mountain peak traverse between Terror Peak/Llawrenny Peaks, Danger Peak and Lady of the Snows and a first mountain ascent along the way, deep in the steep and remote north of Fiordland, NZ. To hike in on foot with supplies, climbing gear and camera equipment. 

LOCATION: Northern Fiordland, New Zealand. Summer of 2019.

Due to Fiordland’s rugged landscape, isolation and temperamental weather few of the countless mountain peaks have been explored let alone climbed, especially by female parties or individuals. Walls are hard and dangerous to approach: sheer cliffs, crevasses, ice-fall, glaciers, high avalanche risk, thick impenetrable rainforest, deep flowing rivers, and exposure to the elements do well to discourage many.


We began as planned from Sinbad Gully and ascended Terror Peak area/Llawrenny Peaks area to begin our traverse. On the way to Danger Peak, we made basecamp at Lake Liz to check out a smaller peak unofficially named the Tusk by bird researcher Rhys Buckingham in the early 1970s. At this time Kakapo research and conservation was in full swing. Kakapo are the world's only flightless parrot. They are nocturnal, can weigh up to 4kg, live for up to 95 years and are critically endangered.


Fiordland's changeable weather forced a backup plan: 

Unable to continue the full traverse our focus shifted towards making a first climbing ascent of the Tusk. The only other known attempt of the peak was made in the 1970s by Rhys Buckingham's work companion Hugh Willoughby. Tragically he fell in his solo attempt and no one knows if he ever reached the summit - leaving the Tusk open for a first ascent. 


Come of this expedition is Kakapo Crest a short film about an all-female ascent of the Tusk. The film is set to be screened at the 2020 Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour.


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Thanks to Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour and Travel Play Live for the Women's Adventure Grant as well as our sponsors and supporters.

Team: Liz Oh, Rosie Hohnen, Ana Richards, Olivia Page.

Filmmaker: Olivia Page.

Drone Footage: Simon Bischoff