- Women's Adventure Film Grant -

We won the Travel Play Live Women's Adventure Grant - Now what?

" The Travel Play Live Women’s Adventure Grant is not about ‘Insta-worthy’ pictures of smiling women with perfect hair or pink washing the adventure / outdoor space. It is a genuine effort to improve the visibility of women’s participation, skills and sense of achievement, promoting tangible results to encourage women of all experience levels and create an entry point for women and girls on the peripheral of adventure " - Travel Play Live.

Olivia - Stoked is the word. After stalking all of the grants shortlisted applicants (they were amazing) I was sure our idea for an all-female climbing adventure would fall short of winning. Well, I was wrong! Ooops, didn’t see that coming.

Our team’s first group Skype was filled with cheers and psych. It was also filled with trepidation and what if’s. What will be our route? What will we aim to achieve? Do we have enough skills between us to keep us safe in an extreme and remote environment? How in the world will we film it? Then I remembered: it’s not about succeeding but about throwing ourselves into the deep end and ultimately having the time of our lives! In saying, here's to learning to swim.

Thanks to our sponsors: Travel Play Live, Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour, Jack Wolfskin.